Sales Training

OBOX training courses are always tailor-made, taking into account your products and services, the market situation and the level of competence of the participants.

Talent alone is not enough

Why are top athletes capable of outstanding performance ? Because of the many dedicated hours of intensive training. Training keeps you sharp, training makes you better, and training makes you more efficient!

The question you need to ask yourself is, not: “Do you send ‘good’ sales professionals to your customers?” but, “Do you send ‘trained’ sales professionals to your customers?”

Selection of our programs that are always tailored to your company and your employees after an intake interview:

  • Basic selling skills
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Account management
  • Selling to top management
  • Field assessments

In order to optimise the learning effect and to guarantee excellent follow-up, we develop a complete set of tools together with ‘tailor-made’ sales tools and use efficient e-learning tools (Mysellingskills).

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